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The Future is Electric

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With the world fighting against climate change & finding ways to go hand in hand with the environment, India also aspires for better & sustainable mobility. In this greater mission, businesses have a critical role to play particularly in the realization of India’s transition to sustainable mobility. Electrifying Employee Transport is now the highest prioritized use case for business EV adoption in India. Businesses and fleet operators now can become the catalysts – they can immediately benefit commercially from adopting EVs.

Businesses and fleet operators can take advantage of available policy incentives and optimize vehicle use to enable a cost-effective transition today

The Changing Face of Sustainable Mobility

Lower Costs

Lower CHG Emission

Better Health  & Welfare


Higher utilization rates and defined routes make this segment well placed for EV adoption: EVs at high utilization rates can compete with conventional vehicles. This positions companies and employees to derive economic value. In addition, the employee transport segment generally has well defined and fixed routes, so it is possible to guarantee utilization via planning and setting up charging stations, leading to business viability.

The unidirectional flow of traffic towards corporate centers is contributing to the heat island effect: the issue has become prominent in Indian cities, where areas near corporate offices are up to 3-5 degrees Celsius warmer than the surrounding area.

Starting with the large corporate houses providing transport facilities to its employees, we can set the stage to make the switch. Eco ETS with over 22 years of experience in managing employee transport services for its enterprise clients with a fleet of over 6000 cabs launches Eco Electric.

The Eco’s Advantages

Experience in managing employee transport with the knowhow of managing an EV fleet to ensure a zero error, fully compliant operation SLA based Performance Management

Connected Car ensuring passenger safety

  • Real-time actionable and nonactionable data in the dashboards (Safe reaching, Utilization, Confirmations, SMS delivery etc.)
  • Data dashboard for historical data
  • Shift-wise real-time trips data (Ontime, Running late, Delayed, etc.)
  • Multiple sites access to users

Up to 100% CO2 reduction

Pan-India fast charging and energy infrastructure

Transparent and Data-Driven Operations

Selecting the right car as per capacity and range

Training the drivers

Setting up the charging infrastructure. Deployment of fast (DC) and slow (AC) chargers at company premises.

With our vast experience of working on various route optimization software, we can provide consultancy to select the right technology for your company.